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Who Are We

Southside Baptist Church was established in Granbury, Texas in 1955. There is a

unique role for a smaller, community church. Like a family, members know each

other’s names and work together in small teams. There is a place for very large

churches, but also smaller churches. Southside Baptist is a friendly welcoming

church with opportunities for everyone to serve. Here, you are not just a

number, but a valued person known by the pastor individually. Together, we

grow in our relationship with Christ.

What We Do

We serve the Lord through worship with praise and prayer every Sunday

morning. Additionally, members have opportunities to serve in many

outreach programs such as our food pantry, meals for poor children, missions,

Christmas packages for children in foreign countries, a diaper ministry, vacation

Bible school, an annual blood drive, family fest in October, and Sunday night

programs that include excellent speakers, concerts, and Christian films. Every

Sunday morning, members and visitors may join our prayer group. Every

Monday evening, the pastor teaches a bible study. There are Sunday School

classes and children’s activities, too.

What We Believe

We are “People of the Book” which means we believe the Holy Bible is our

ultimate source of truth, inspired and without error. We believe in One God

revealed in the Trinity – God the Father (creator), God the Son (incarnated as a

human in Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit (power of God drawing people

toward salvation). We believe we are saved by grace and faith in Jesus who paid

the price for our sins by his death on a cross and his resurrection.


Who is


Jesus is the Son of God who became a human and died on a cross for

our sins and was resurrected from the dead. He is the true Messiah

and Savior of the world.


A Christian is a person “born again” by the Spirit of God who puts

their faith and trust in Jesus and follows his teachings.

What does it mean to be Christian?


The role of the church is to make disciples who evangelize and serve,

growing in their faith through worship, fellowship, and leaders

teaching and preaching biblical truth.

What is the role of the Church?

Our Mission Statement

Loving God, Loving People, Connecting to Jesus.

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